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Three things to do before you purchase motorcycle insurance

If you are a motorcycle owner in Miami, FL, you need to choose a motorcycle insurance policy. There are a few things you should do to get ready to purchase the right policy.

The following are three things to do before you purchase motorcycle insurance:

Familiarize yourself with the various types of motorcycle insurance

You should invest in a few different types of motorcycle insurance coverage so that your policy offers you the financial protection that you need. 

For complete coverage, you should get not only liability and collision coverage but also comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage. This way, you’ll be protected against liability expenses, collision damages, and damages resulting from theft, fire, and more. 

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Research motorcycle insurance discounts for which you may be eligible

Another important thing to do before you purchase a policy is to look into discounts that you might be eligible for. This can help to keep your premium costs down.

Many motorcycle owners out there are eligible for discounts for having a good driving record or for completing motorcycle training courses through their state DMV. It’s also possible to get a discount for paying for your entire policy upfront rather than making monthly payments. 

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A guide to motorcycle insurance coverages

Did you know that you need motorcycle insurance to ride a motorcycle legally in Miami, FL? Ignoring insurance laws can get you into serious trouble and your life in danger too. Motorcyclists are vulnerable to the weather conditions and general environment as they are not well-protected like in standard cars.

That’s why Prestige Insurance Group recommends getting proper motorcycle insurance coverages to protect yourself, your bike and other motorists. Here are a few coverages you should consider.

Bodily injury liability

This coverage helps pay medical bills and other expenses related to injuries to other people. It also pays legal fees associated with the injuries in the event of an accident.

Property damage liability

Property damage liability helps pay property owners who may be affected by an accident you caused. It could be the other driver, a property owner on the road or any other road user. The coverage also pays legal fees in case you’re sued.


Comprehensive coverage is designed to replace or repair your motorcycle in accidents that don’t involve collisions such as theft, fire, weather damage or other natural disasters. If the bike is stolen, the coverage can help replace it with the same model and year.


Collision coverage covers claims related to collisions that damage your motorcycle. Whether you collided with another car, tree, rock, pole or even another bike, the coverage helps repair or replace your bike.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist 

Uninsured and underinsured motorist is critical coverage that helps pay your medical bills or repair your bike if you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured/underinsured motorist.

Medical coverages

This coverage pays your medical expenses if you get into an accident. It also covers your passenger.

Need to buy motorcycle insurance in Miami, FL? Prestige Insurance Group is the company to contact. We have the skills, tools and experience to help you choose the right coverages based on your needs, style and comfort. For quotes and other policy discussions, call to book your appointment today.

Three things to keep in mind when you buy motorcycle insurance

You need to choose an appropriate motorcycle insurance policy if you ride a motorcycle in Miami, FL. We sell motorcycle insurance in Florida at Prestige Insurance Group. 

The following are three things to keep in mind when you buy motorcycle insurance.

You should buy more than minimum liability coverage. 

You’re only legally required to buy minimum liability coverage. However, this isn’t all that you need to buy. Buying only minimum liability coverage really leaves you open to possible financial problems down the road.

Invest in liability coverage that exceeds the minimum coverage requirements. Otherwise, you might find yourself facing bills out of pocket that you can’t afford to pay. 

Coverage for bodily injury is important. 

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. If you experience an accident while riding your bike, you might become severely injured. The medical bills could really add up.

It’s important that your motorcycle insurance policy offers coverage for your own medical expenses. Even if you have health insurance, bodily injury coverage is important on any motorcycle insurance policy. 

Many discounts could be available to you. 

If you’re concerned about the expense of motorcycle insurance, you should know that there are many different discounts out there.

You may be eligible for discounts for being an experienced rider. You might also enjoy discounts if you insure numerous vehicles on the same policy or with the same provider. 

Be sure to research discounts if you are looking for ways to bring down your premium costs. 

Buying a reliable and high-quality motorcycle insurance policy is important for riders in Miami, FL. Get in touch with us at Prestige Insurance Group to learn about our motorcycle insurance policy offerings. 

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