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Condo Insurance for Snowbirds: How to Protect Your Property While You’re Away

Miami, FL is a great place to escape cold winters. Many snowbirds settle in the city or surrounding areas to enjoy the sun year-round. While you may spend your winter months enjoying the warm weather, when you return home for the summer, you leave your condo empty for weeks or months. Therefore, a good insurance policy that safeguards your property while you’re away is crucial.

Importance of Condo Insurance for Your Winter Home

While you can take steps to protect your condo better, nothing will replace a good insurance policy. Miami’s hurricane season can be brutal and causes flooding, strong winds, power outages, and more. Additionally, while you can make your condo appear occupied even when you’re not there, you can’t guarantee that there won’t be break-ins. 

Extra Coverage for Your Empty Condo

Standard homeowner policies are known to exclude coverage if your home is unoccupied for over 30 days, making it more vulnerable to natural disasters, theft, and vandalism. Therefore, you need a policy that will cover your property for extended periods of time when you’re not there. Choosing a policy to bridge that gap can be tricky, which is why Prestige Insurance Group in Miami, FL is here to help.

Snowbird Condo Insurance Policies at Prestige Insurance Group 

You need an insurance agent that understands the intricacies of your situation, and Prestige Insurance Group is here to guide you through that process. We have insurance coverage options to meet your needs, so you can rest easy that your condo is protected whether you’re there or not.

What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Most condo policies also include coverage for common area items such as locks on doors, hallways, and elevators, lightning in the building, and liability if someone is hurt on your unit’s property or in the common areas. Many condo features can be included in the building’s policy, like basic liability protection. Call Prestige Insurance Group for inquiries in Miami, FL. 

What the Condo Insurance Entails 

Condo insurance will cover your personal belongings, your liability, and any other risks associated with living in a condo or apartment. The standard policy covers your personal belongings, including furnishings, clothing, fixtures, and appliances, while the extended policy also covers the property you rent out to tenants. 

Condo insurance also includes liability coverage in case someone is injured on the premises or if someone is hurt on your property due to an insurable risk such as faulty wiring or a slippery floor. Some condos have building policies requiring you to sign in to live there. It is vital that you read the policies carefully, so you know exactly what they cover and what they don’t. 

Most building policies don’t cover damage caused by floods or earthquakes but only those that occur because of poor construction or lack of maintenance by the condo board. Factors that can impact the cost of your condo insurance include where you live (location), the type of coverage you choose, and the length of time with your current insurance provider. 

Some typical condo insurance policies include protection against loss from fire, lightning, windstorm, smoke, vandalism, theft, and water damage. Coverage typically includes replacing the building and contents, repair of the building, and medical expenses for the residents. The policies typically cover damage to the interior of the condo building that occurs during an incident. 

The insurance is primarily intended to protect the personal property of the insured person(s). However, coverage for items like guest rooms, other common areas, and landscaping is generally provided by homeowners’ or renters’ insurance, not condo insurance. Condo owners’ policies typically cover damage to your unit. 

Final Words 

Condo insurance covers the value of your unit in the event of a claim, such as a cost to repair or rebuild your unit. It also covers liability for guests, common areas, and the physical structure of your unit. The cost of condo insurance varies depending on the property and location. Generally, the more expensive the property, the higher the cost. For expert help in Miami, FL, visit or call Prestige Insurance Group.

4 Benefits of Condo Insurance

Owning a condo in Miami, FL is excellent, but you need to think about condo insurance to protect you and your valuables. Unfortunately, many people forget about condo insurance since they assume they are covered by the condo owners association (COA) master policy. While it’s true that the COA policy protects you, it only extends to common areas and the exterior of your condo unit. Therefore, if theft or fire were to strike, your personal belongings aren’t covered by COA master policy. 

With this in mind, you need condo insurance from Prestige Insurance Group to accrue the below benefits. 

Protect your interior’s dwelling

Since the COA policy doesn’t cover the interior of your dwelling, it’s for this reason you need condo insurance to protect your dwelling’s floor, roof, walls, and fixtures if damage were to occur. 

Loss of use coverage

If a covered peril were to damage your condo unit, you would have to seek a temporal shelter as your dwelling undergoes repairs. In the process, you would incur expenses like hotel food and accommodation that you hadn’t planned for. Thankfully, condo insurance covers expenses beyond your everyday living expenses until your condo becomes livable again.

Liability coverage

Condo insurance can save you tens of dollars in medical costs and lawsuits for injuries happening to guests within your premises. Besides, liability coverage protects you against property damage that you and your family members inflict on other people. 

Protects your assets

Your condo interior wouldn’t look great were it not for assets like furniture, electronics, and other belongings. Unfortunately, perils like fire, theft, and water damage can cause loss or damage to your assets. Without condo insurance, you will have to repair or replace your assets from your pocket.

Condo insurance in Miami, FL

If you would like more information regarding condo insurance, please contact Prestige Insurance Group in Miami, FL. Our team will help you make an informed decision when buying condo insurance coverage.

What You Should Know About Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance offers the coverage you need for your property in Florida. It’s complicated because the building’s Home (Condo) Owner’s Association (HOA or COA) already covers the condo with a master policy. At Prestige Insurance Group in Miami, FL, we work with you to understand what’s covered under each policy, to understand where there may be overlap or gaps in coverage.

What’s Covered by Condo Insurance

When you buy a condo, the HOA and the mortgage lender often require that you hold an insurance policy. The HOA coverage falls under two main policy types.

  • Bare Walls: It covers the building itself and the shared areas. It covers just the walls, floor, and ceiling.
  • All In: It covers original features like lighting, cabinets, and plumbing. It does not include features that are not original, like a new kitchen sink, etc.

The master policy from the HOA may cover the basic structure and what originally came with the condo, but you’ll need to include anything else. Here are the primary considerations.

  • Your personal belongings: It covers furniture, clothing, electronics, etc.
  • Liability: It covers injury or damage, including legal and medical expenses, if a person gets hurt while on the property.
  • Additional Expenses: It could cover a hotel stay while the condo is being repaired after a fire or disaster.
  • Loss Assessment: It could cover the costs for damage that exceeds the HOA’s master policy.

Your condo insurance policy can be tailored to meet your needs. That’s why the next step is so important.

Next Step: Contact Prestige Insurance Group to Learn More

At Prestige Insurance Group in Miami, FL, we review your personal situation and make recommendations for the insurance coverage that will best meet your needs. We’re locally owned and operated, which means that we understand and can consult with you about the best coverage in this area. The process is quick-and-easy. When you come in for a free evaluation, we’ll review your situation and offer a comprehensive policy.

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