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Insurance for Classic/Antique Vehicles

An old car may be just a problem.

Or an old car can be a classic car, something special, something worth collecting and protecting.

While a classic car is certainly fun to own, it is also an investment that grows in value every year. Whether you call your car a classic, antique, or collectible item, you need special insurance to be sure that you and your investment are fully protected.

At Prestige Insurance Group, we offer several options to help you cover your classic car. Just like individual details make your classic car unique, a special insurance package is customized to meet your selected needs. We work with you to help you get the best plan available.

Classic car insurance can insure any brand or model of collection. Among those that can be covered are:

  • Old and classic cars
  • Muscule Cars
  • Street rods
  • Exotic
  • Professionally built kit and vehicle replicas
  • Pickup trucks over 25 years old in good condition
  • Race cars vintage
  • Vintage fire engines
  • Lowriders

We will also help you ensure the coverage of your limited-production and state-of-the-art vehicles, such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Corvette or Dodge Viper if the car is not used for regular transportation, business or daily travel.

Boat Insurance

When you are in the waters of Florida, in your own boat, you are living your dream. It should not become a nightmare when discovering that it is not properly insured.

Boat insurance is vital.

Your boat represents an important purchase, which requires adequate special insurance coverage. You want to navigate knowing that you and your passengers are protected in case of an accident or emergency.

Make no mistake thinking that your home or other type of policy will be extended to cover your boat. A solid boat policy covers you with liability if someone is injured on your boat, and also provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage to others and physical damage to your boat.

Learn more about your options and the coverage available to meet your unique needs by contacting one of the highly trained professionals at Prestige Insurance Group today.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

The road calls you. The time is now. And your recreational vehicle is ready to take you and your family to new places and interesting places.

But before leaving by the state or throughout the country, make sure you are fully protected, with all the coverage of a special insurance that suits your needs. Do you have a modified or adapted bus? Maybe your RV is a complete mobile home, a "fifth wheel" truck, a travel trailer or an RV tug.

Prestige Insurance Group is ready to help you with the protection your family and your travel companions need, at home or on the road, with the right insurance they can count on at all times.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles can represent pleasure and power, an excellent way to move. Owning a motorcycle cruiser, sports, tourism, high performance or scooter, means that you need specialized insurance that suits your individual needs.

The professional advisors of Prestige insurance Group have many years of experience helping clients find the best coverage for their motorcycle insurance at the best possible price. We work for you, buying several motorcycle insurance companies to find the best combination of price and coverage. And with motorcycle insurance, you can qualify for a discount of several vehicles with some of our carriers.

Get more information on motorcycle insurance from Prestige Insurance Group.

Special Insurance - Miami and Orlando, FL

Also at the service of Kendall, Doral, Coral Gables, Adventure and other areas in Florida

Cars, boats, boats, caravans, motorcycles. For some these items may simply be a mode of transportation, but for others, they are special items of high value. And they can demand specialized insurance. Selecting the best complete insurance plan requires knowledge and skills.

The highly trained professionals of Prestige Insurance Group understand the specialized coverage needed to protect your valuable investments.

We work only by selecting the best insurers, those that have the experience to know what your particular situation requires. Get more information today on how to protect your high-value possessions against disasters, accidents or other emergencies before it is too late.

Get in touch with ambitious experts at Prestige Insurance Group today to find out more about how to cover your specialized items.

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