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What if you could take a simple course and save a significant percentage on your auto insurance premium? It sounds like a simple plan. It can be an excellent opportunity. A safe driver course is one of the ways some companies offer discounts. It offers important information and tools to make you a safer driver on the roadways. READ MORE >>

Most drivers know that they need car insurance. Yet, few people understand what many of the terms included in their policy mean. One key component of every car insurance policy is the property damage section. Here are a few tips for understanding what this coverage includes and how to ensure that you have enough of it. READ MORE >>

A vehicle owner steps out to his car in the early morning. Then, he sees it. Someone took a baseball bat and smashed in every one of the windows. There is no rhyme or reason to why this happens. In some cases, it is possible to determine who caused the damage. In others, that is not possible. READ MORE >>

It is illegal to drive without auto insurance in 49 of the 50 states, including Florida. (New Hampshire is the only state without a direct law requiring car insurance. It is important to maintain coverage to minimize the legal consequences of lacking insurance. However, the bigger risks occur when you are in an accident. READ MORE >>

Flood-damaged vehicles are some of the highest-risk cars you can buy. Most of the time, they are not worth investing in. Some car dealerships may not be upfront about these vehicles. They may not note that the vehicle had water damage at all. State laws differ on the requirements of what the dealership must tell you. READ MORE >>

Most states set a bare minimum requirement for liability insurance. However, this required minimum amount of auto insurance is rarely enough. It may be more valuable to you to increase your coverage to minimize any risks. But, how much coverage do you actually need? This may be a more complex question than you think. READ MORE >>

PIP auto insurance can be confusing. This is a type of no-fault car insurance. Some states require this form of coverage. It helps pay for any medical bills you have in a car accident. It does not take fault into consideration when making the decision about who pays. READ MORE >>

To Floridians, hurricanes are no joke. These storms can leave unpredictable damage, from a few downed trees to flattened neighborhoods. We all know to take this summertime weather threat seriously. Doing so is critical to our safety. What are some of the things you can do now to prepare in case a hurricane develops? READ MORE >>

Take a look at your car insurance policy. You may notice towing and labor insurance coverage. What is it? Do you need it? Most auto insurance policies initially include this coverage. Some drivers elect to drop it. However, this can be a costly mistake. READ MORE >>

It is your job to keep your set of wheels trustworthy. Without strong, reliable tires and wheels, you likely won't be able to go very far. Your steering, suspension and wheel systems are among your car's most important. They help you control the path of the vehicle. READ MORE >>

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