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RVs Need Insurance Too – Make Sure You Have It

Don’t allow your vacation to be ruined because you don’t have insurance on your RV. RV insurance will protect you if you cause damage or injury to another. It also covers costs associated with damage to your vehicle if a covered event happens. Let the Prestige Insurance Group, serving the Miami, FL area, explain the variety of coverage that exists.

Why RV Insurance?

The biggest difference is based upon how you use your RV – recreationally or as a full-time residence. There are differences between traditional auto insurance and RV insurance. When you purchase RV insurance, you will be asked how often it will be used and in what way. Then you select the coverage that will best protect you and your vehicle.

Options include liability, comprehensive, collision, underinsured/uninsured motorist, and RV towing insurance. Typically, the more coverage you have, the higher premium you pay.

While your auto liability covers you for accidents while driving the RV, vacation liability protects you to cover accidents occurring in or around a parked RV while on vacation.

RV insurance may cover theft depending on the type of RV coverage you have. If your policy includes comprehensive, the theft of your RV and components that were part of the RV at the time of purchase, such as folding beds or cabinets, may also be covered.

A standard home insurance policy may cover your personal belongings that are stored inside the RV, such as dishes, clothing, jewelry, and firearms. But it does not cover damage or loss of the RV.

Typically, RV insurance is less expensive because they have fewer claims, drive fewer miles, and are not used for commercial driving purposes.

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If you want a quote to cover your RV, Prestige Insurance Group in Miami, FL can provide it, along with explaining all the particulars of this type of coverage. Contact us today.

Three things to do before you purchase motorcycle insurance

If you are a motorcycle owner in Miami, FL, you need to choose a motorcycle insurance policy. There are a few things you should do to get ready to purchase the right policy.

The following are three things to do before you purchase motorcycle insurance:

Familiarize yourself with the various types of motorcycle insurance

You should invest in a few different types of motorcycle insurance coverage so that your policy offers you the financial protection that you need. 

For complete coverage, you should get not only liability and collision coverage but also comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage. This way, you’ll be protected against liability expenses, collision damages, and damages resulting from theft, fire, and more. 

Contact us at Prestige Insurance Group and get policy quotes

We provide quality coverage at competitive prices while also providing good customer service. 

Research motorcycle insurance discounts for which you may be eligible

Another important thing to do before you purchase a policy is to look into discounts that you might be eligible for. This can help to keep your premium costs down.

Many motorcycle owners out there are eligible for discounts for having a good driving record or for completing motorcycle training courses through their state DMV. It’s also possible to get a discount for paying for your entire policy upfront rather than making monthly payments. 

Get Motorcycle Insurance Today

Get in touch with us today at Prestige Insurance Group in Miami, FL to explore your motorcycle insurance options. We’re here to assist motorcycle owners with meeting their insurance needs. 

Do I Need To Insure My boat If It’s Kept In A Storage Facility?

When you own a boat, you need to make sure that it is adequately insured at all times. This is because boats are expensive and can be easily damaged. If you have your boat stored in a storage facility, you may be wondering if you need to insure it. The answer is yes, you should always insure your boat, even when it is in storage. Prestige Insurance Group in Miami, FL can guide you on this important insurance coverage.

Here are a few reasons why you should insure your boat even when it is in storage:

You Never Know When Something Could Happen

Even though your boat is in a storage facility, there is always the potential for something to happen to it. For example, someone could break into the facility and steal your boat. Or, there could be a fire at the facility that damages your boat. If something does happen to your boat while it is in storage, you will be glad that you have insurance.

It Will Give You Peace of Mind

Knowing that your boat is properly insured will provide you with peace of mind. This way, you can relax and enjoy your time on the water, knowing that your investment is protected.

It Could Save You Money in the Long Run

If something does happen to your boat while it is in storage, repairing or replacing it can be very expensive. Having insurance will help to offset the cost of repairs or replacement.

Get Boat Insurance Today

If you own a boat, it’s vital to insure it at all times, even when it is in storage. This way, you can relax and enjoy your time on the water, knowing that your investment is protected. If something does happen to your boat while it is in storage, repairing or replacing it can be very expensive. Having insurance will help to offset the cost of repairs or replacement. Contact us at Prestige Insurance Group in Miami, FL and we’ll provide your boat insurance.

How to Choose the Right Umbrella Insurance Policy

When it comes to protecting your assets, umbrella insurance is one of the most important types of coverage you can have. But with so many different policies on the market, how can you choose the right one for your needs? Consult with Prestige Insurance Group in Miami, FL to learn more about your options.

Here are some of the key factors to consider when shopping for an umbrella insurance policy:

1. How Much Coverage Do You Need?

The first step in choosing an umbrella insurance policy is to determine how much coverage you need. This will depend on several factors, including the value of your assets and the amount of liability coverage you currently have. If you have a lot of valuable assets, you’ll want to ensure they’re fully protected.

2. What Is Your Risk Profile?

Your risk profile is another important factor to consider when choosing an umbrella insurance policy. You’ll need to assess your potential liability risks and determine how likely you are to be sued. You’ll need a more comprehensive policy if you have a higher risk profile.

3. What Is Your Budget?

Like all insurance policies, umbrella insurance policies have premiums you’ll need to pay. The amount of coverage you need will affect your premium, so it’s important to strike a balance between the two.

4. What Is the Policy’s Coverage Limit?

When choosing an umbrella insurance policy, it’s important to pay attention to the coverage limit. This is the maximum amount of money the policy will pay out in case of a claim. Make sure you choose a policy with a coverage limit that meets your needs.

5. What Is the Claims Process Like?

When shopping for an umbrella insurance policy, be sure to find out what the claims process is like. This is important because you want to be sure that you’ll be able to get the coverage you need if you ever have to file a claim.

Get Umbrella Insurance

Now that you know some of the key factors to consider when choosing an umbrella insurance policy, Prestige Insurance Group in Miami, FL can help you find the right policy for your needs. Give us a call today to get started.

Why You Need Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is an important type of coverage that can fill in the gap that is present in standard home insurance. Home insurance generally doesn’t include any protection from floods that are caused by nature, and flood insurance can protect you against many types of flooding. Having flood insurance allows you to protect your home against a common risk. Without flood insurance, you would have to pay for all of the damage the flood caused, and it can be highly destructive.

If you don’t have flood insurance, give us a call at Prestige Insurance Group in Miami, FL to find out more. 

Why Everyone Needs Flood Insurance

It’s common for homeowners to only think about flood insurance if they live in a high-risk flooding area. These areas tend to be near water in areas where flooding is relatively common, or the slope of the land may lead to flooding. What they don’t know is that about 20% of all the claims for floods come from places that are not high-risk areas. Those who don’t have flood insurance may face tens of thousands of dollars, or even more, in repairs or even rebuilding. The National Flood Insurance Program recommends that every homeowner should have this insurance coverage.

Backing for Flood Insurance

Flood insurance works a little differently from many other insurance types. It is sponsored and backed by the government through the National Flood Insurance Program. The cost for flood insurance is always the same no matter where it is purchased from for this reason. The government sets the pricing and the terms of this type of insurance. This can be highly convenient for people who don’t want to shop around for the insurance they need. 

Protect Yourself With Flood Insurance

Most homeowners should have flood insurance, especially in Florida. Call us at Prestige Insurance Group in Miami, FL to get started. 

What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Most condo policies also include coverage for common area items such as locks on doors, hallways, and elevators, lightning in the building, and liability if someone is hurt on your unit’s property or in the common areas. Many condo features can be included in the building’s policy, like basic liability protection. Call Prestige Insurance Group for inquiries in Miami, FL. 

What the Condo Insurance Entails 

Condo insurance will cover your personal belongings, your liability, and any other risks associated with living in a condo or apartment. The standard policy covers your personal belongings, including furnishings, clothing, fixtures, and appliances, while the extended policy also covers the property you rent out to tenants. 

Condo insurance also includes liability coverage in case someone is injured on the premises or if someone is hurt on your property due to an insurable risk such as faulty wiring or a slippery floor. Some condos have building policies requiring you to sign in to live there. It is vital that you read the policies carefully, so you know exactly what they cover and what they don’t. 

Most building policies don’t cover damage caused by floods or earthquakes but only those that occur because of poor construction or lack of maintenance by the condo board. Factors that can impact the cost of your condo insurance include where you live (location), the type of coverage you choose, and the length of time with your current insurance provider. 

Some typical condo insurance policies include protection against loss from fire, lightning, windstorm, smoke, vandalism, theft, and water damage. Coverage typically includes replacing the building and contents, repair of the building, and medical expenses for the residents. The policies typically cover damage to the interior of the condo building that occurs during an incident. 

The insurance is primarily intended to protect the personal property of the insured person(s). However, coverage for items like guest rooms, other common areas, and landscaping is generally provided by homeowners’ or renters’ insurance, not condo insurance. Condo owners’ policies typically cover damage to your unit. 

Final Words 

Condo insurance covers the value of your unit in the event of a claim, such as a cost to repair or rebuild your unit. It also covers liability for guests, common areas, and the physical structure of your unit. The cost of condo insurance varies depending on the property and location. Generally, the more expensive the property, the higher the cost. For expert help in Miami, FL, visit or call Prestige Insurance Group.

Is there anything auto insurance doesn’t cover?

Your car insurance from Prestige Insurance Group may save you during accidents and many other incidents in Miami, FL. But like most things in life, your car insurance isn’t entirely faultless. There are “holes” in your standard car insurance policy, and you need to know about them so that you can purchase “add-ons” to boost your coverage.

Here are potential areas not likely to be covered by your car insurance:

  • Drivers excluded in your policy: If you want someone to drive your vehicle, you should inform your insurer. Otherwise, the damage they cause while driving your vehicle may not be covered. Parents make a common mistake of letting their sons and daughters drive their cars without including them in their policies. Always inform your insurer when sharing your vehicle with someone, even if they live with you.
  • Items in your vehicle: Stolen personal items in your car aren’t covered by your car insurance. So, if your laptop or phone is stolen while inside your vehicle, you may have to file a claim with your home or renters insurance company.
  • Modifications: Tune-ups to improve performance and “mods” to make your vehicle aesthetically appealing aren’t covered by typical car insurance. However, you can purchase a special insurance policy to cover these modifications.
  • Business use: Your standard auto insurance doesn’t protect your car when using it to run operations of a commercial nature. Always upgrade personal auto insurance to commercial when using your vehicle for business reasons.
  • Wear and tear: If your paint starts fading away or your suspension starts making creaky sounds, don’t file a claim with your insurance because maintenance issues aren’t covered by auto insurance.

Want to learn more about car insurance in Miami, FL? Please get in touch with Prestige Insurance Group to help you understand the nitty-gritty of your car insurance policy.


Protect your business with a comprehensive commercial policy

Prestige Insurance Group is here to help Miami, FL businesses with all of their insurance needs. If you want to upgrade your current commercial policy to one that is more comprehensive, we can help. Give us a call or stop by our office today to learn more about the options that are available to business owners in our area.

Why your business may need comprehensive insurance

When it comes to protecting your Miami-based business, you may have some questions about the right type of insurance and what will best meet your needs. Many small business owners start out with a primary policy that meets their basic needs. However, as the company grows, so too does the need for a more comprehensive commercial insurance policy.

If you have found yourself at the stage of your business’s growth where it’s time to upgrade your commercial insurance policy, there’s no reason to postpone making the change. Procrastination can only help to create gaps in your insurance coverage.

With a comprehensive policy, you can obtain a higher level of protection when it comes to losses to your property, equipment, or inventory. This type of policy can also provide protection in the event that your business has to shut down due to a covered event. This cash flow protection can make coming back after a closure much more doable and a lot less stressful for you.

Let us help you find the insurance that’s right for your business

If you are a business operator or owner in the greater Miami, FL area, you can rely on Prestige Insurance Group for all of your commercial insurance needs. Give our office a call today and set up an introductory consultation. We look forward to working with you!

How to make and store a home inventory

 When you need to file a claim with your home insurance, you will be required to prove what your home looked like and what you had before the peril happened. That is where your home inventory comes in very handy. At Prestige Insurance Group in Miami, FL, we work for you, our customers, and we make sure that if you have to file a claim, it will go smoothly. There is a lot of stress involved in living with household damage, and you don’t want to add more stress about how easily the claim is processed. 

You can start your home inventory in any room of your home, but you will need to have a pad, pen, and camera. You will list the items in your room and provide as many pictures as possible of the room from a few different angles. Be sure to look up and down and open any closet or drawers so that everything gets listed. If you have sales slips or receipts, attach them to the correct room.

Be as detailed as possible. Give the color, the size, the brand name, and if it’s electronic, the model and serial number. The more you include, the better. Do the same thing in every room. Go into the basement, go to the attic, and don’t forget the garage. When you are done, it is time to think about where you will store your inventory. 

Ideally, you won’t store your inventory in your home. Your inventory could be destroyed along with your home. Make sure that you make a copy at least to store in the cloud so that it can be easily accessed no matter where you are when you need it. 

Contact Prestige Insurance Group in Miami, FL to discuss your home insurance, whether you need a review or a new policy.  


What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

You could indeed get a standard auto insurance policy for your classic car. However, you will not have access to many of the benefits provided by a classic car insurance policy, such as reimbursement of the full value in the event of total loss.

A standard auto insurance policy does not take into consideration the special needs of a classic car owner in Miami, FL. Classic car insurance is specifically designed to cover situations unique to classic cars, such as restoration, exhibition, and more. At Prestige Insurance Group, we understand that special cars have special needs, we are here to provide you with the right coverage to protect your investment.

Coverage Options

A standard car insurance policy typically includes bodily injury liability, collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, medical payments, property damage liability, and uninsured/uninsured motorist insurance. A classic car insurance policy will usually include all of these coverage types as well as additional coverage that is designed to meet the additional needs of classic vehicles, such as:

  • Agreed value for collision and comprehensive coverage will reimburse you for the total value of the car at the time you purchased your classic car insurance policy in the event of a total loss
  • Restoration coverage for cars still in the restoration stage that is not yet drivable
  • Spare parts coverage for tools and accessories that you have stored away from the vehicle in the event of theft or damage
  • Memorabilia contents coverage for additional valuable pieces such as dashboard accessories and antique license plates that are itemized on a contents list
  • Auto show medical reimbursement should someone be injured at an event where you are showing your classic car
  • No attendance required covers your car when it is on display when you are not with it

Learn more about the available types of classic car coverage available for collectors in Miami, FL when you call Prestige Insurance Group.

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