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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense. When you are behind the wheel and intoxicated, you are a threat to yourself and everyone around you, which is why the consequences of getting caught are so severe. Fortunately, there is life after a DUI, if you follow the tips outlined below. READ MORE >>

Most life insurance companies sell both life insurance policies and annuities. Both require you to be in good health to get the best rates. And both provide financial security. But they play very different roles in your financial portfolio. How They Work READ MORE >>

Speeding tickets cost you a lot more than you think. Every year, about 41 million Americans, or one-fifth of drivers, get them. Speeding tickets cost drivers more than $6.2 billion in fines, according the U.S. Highway Patrol. Speeding tickets are big business, too. StatisticBrain. READ MORE >>

Workers comp policies usually include a special section for employers liability. What additional coverages does it provide and why do you need them? Your workers compensation policy covers the costs associated with an employee's work-related injury or occupational disease. READ MORE >>

A bully in your workplace can affect morale, increasing stress levels for fellow employees — and possibly increasing your workers compensation costs. The Workplace Bullying Institute defines workplace bullying as "repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons (the targets) by one or more perpetrators. READ MORE >>

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- In the likely final act of one of the most divisive legislative debates in years, the Florida House voted decisively Friday to reject a proposal that would have used federal Medicaid expansion money to help lower-income Floridians purchase private health insurance. READ MORE >>

Hurricane season is upon us in Florida. While the past several years have been mostly free of tropical activity in the Sunshine State, it's crucial to be ready for when the next big storm hits. Here are some tips to help keep you prepared. Make sure you're protected against Mother Nature's fury. READ MORE >>

When you borrow money to buy a home and sign all of those documents describing the terms of the mortgage, one of those clauses may say that you are required to carry and maintain flood insurance on the property. READ MORE >>

La importancia y los beneficios de tener un seguro de vida son incalculables. Algunas personas muestran renuencia al hablar de la imperiosa necesidad de tener un seguro de vida y otras simplemente no están conscientes de la importancia de tener uno. READ MORE >>

As the owner of an antique car, you take pride in your vehicle. You've probably worked hard to restore or refurbish the car, and you may even participate in car shows and other events. It's no surprise that insurance providers value these cars differently than modern cars. This is because of the following reasons. READ MORE >>

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